Narrated Video Tours of Oregon's RV Parks

We love RVing as much as you do. And nothing adds to the pleasure of the adventure more than pulling into an RV resort, knowing ahead of time what to expect... like you've actually been there before... even if you're visiting for the very first time. Hi, I'm Michael Blakeley, a 25-year radio personality and production director, who gave up the audio life to produce TV commercials, web videos, and short films.

For my wife of over 30-years Diana and I, "recreation" means "RV travel." We believe the best fragrance known to man is that of a campfire. But nothing is more disappointing than pulling into a park after a long drive, only to realize it just wasn't what we had expected.

Using the Narrated Real Estate Video Presentation that I formatted for several of my broker clients, I designed this web site to provide you with a complete pre-visit tour of each park or resort in which you're interested. I'll take you around the park, explain the amenities and attractions, and with the aid of a flying drone video camera, you'll even get a bird's eye view as we fly over the area. You'll also get a rundown of the nearby services such as restaurants, equipment rentals, and stores.

Thank you for visiting, we hope we've helped you to better enjoy your trip and have fun.